Efficient Import Control: Empowering Management in the Electronics and Technology Industry

A Brazilian company in the electronics and technology industry was facing challenges in acquiring components from foreign suppliers.

The importation process encountered obstacles when the components received in customs did not match the information on the commercial invoice, resulting in significant losses. The company, aware of the importance of efficient control in this process, was seeking a customized solution that would centralize and make all purchasing data easily accessible, including histories, both for internal use and for suppliers.

Solution developed by Beesby
A Beesby, a specialist in software solutions, developed a customized import control portal for the renowned electronics industry company. This innovative portal enables the company to make all import orders available, providing restricted access for each supplier to view only the information related to their own orders. Additionally, the entire reconciliation and settlement process is efficiently and transparently conducted within the platform, facilitating consensus-building between the company and its suppliers. A complete and detailed history of processes is stored and accessible within the system itself.

Project Duration
6 months.

Number of People Involved
3 people.

Results Achieved
The implementation of this customized solution resulted in enhanced control of the validation process and centralized import information for the leading company in the electronics and technology industry. Conflicts and losses were significantly reduced, allowing for more efficient management of import operations.

Technologies and Tools Used
To meet the specific needs of the electronics and technology industry, modern and reliable technologies were employed. The solution was developed using .NET Core for the back-end and React for the front-end, ensuring an agile and intuitive system that adds efficiency and security to the company's import process management.